Make a proper planning before your visit to abroad

One morning suddenly you got the call from your friend that there is a small get together on the same evening; the second thing that comes in your mind is what I will wear so that I look different from others. It is a common problem happens with every woman. When they come to know that they have to go to a party, a wedding, for an outing or even for a small get together; what should I wear is the other question that comes in their mind, so that the outfit will perfectly go with the occasion. But a smart woman chooses the best out of their wardrobe.

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Even if you are planning to travel, the same question arises in your mind and here the problem is serious because you have to look perfect, take care of your make up, your luggage and also want a comfort feeling.

Whatever you wear just keep one thing in mind that your outfit should be comfortable, cool and easy, because while travelling you might be unaware of some unavoidable situation that can occur while travelling and comfortable outfit helps you to feel easy. The problem is more serious if you are planning to travel abroad; may be USA, UK or Africa.

There are so many things which one should kept in mind while travelling for abroad and lots of things are there to be kept in mind. First thing first, weather of the country matters a lot. For example there might be winters in your country but the place you are planning to visit have summers or autumn, so you need not to wear and keep woollen clothes for you and your family. So it is better to check the weather either with your friends or through internet. A proper research would definitely help you to carry the right and fewer luggages.

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But luggage is not the problem with fashion lovers. Woman can compromise with anything except their makeup kit, accessories and their favourite outfits. Whether it is winters or summers, they manage to carry the luggage, just to give her a perfect look during travelling. She can face the chilly wind in winters and also hot summer days to look good, different and beautiful. So I want to give a warning to all the men out there never challenge a woman that you cannot to this, she can do anything to look best. As you must have heard “I can handle anything, I am a woman”.

A woman has to look after her husband, kids and luggage too during travelling, so she should wear a light weight clothes which are comfortable and suits the climate too and not to forget that an outfit having multi pockets.

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There are some basics things and tips you should consider while travelling abroad.

  • What type of clothes should you carry while planning to go abroad?

A smart lady will always carry those types of clothes that keep her and her family safe from strong weather conditions whether it is winters or summers. Need not to say that there is always a terror of thieves, everywhere in the world, so never pretend as if you are a stranger to the country, always behave and act like you are known to the place and not the new in the city because they usually target the tourists. One cannot change the looks but still if you dress up like the localite person, try to wear their traditional or cultural dress and speak local language they might get confused. But always remember not to hurt the sentiments of local people and their culture too.

If planning to visit Islamic countries- If you are planning to visit any Islamic countries like Egypt or any other Middle East country, always try to dress up conservatively such as long Indian kurti with some full length lower, full sleeves top with long skirt which cover your most of your body and so on. These countries are bit conservative for women; you can hardly see a woman of these countries wearing any revealing dresses. They always come out with scarf and breathable fabric.

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What to carry for the trip to France and Italy- It is good news for all the fashion lover ladies out there, if you are visiting France and Italy you can carry as much makeup kit as you can, all your accessories and all your fashionable outfits. These two countries are mother of fashion and ladies are quite serious about their makeup and dressing sense. They have multiple footwear, accessories, jewelleries and clothing as they like to update with the change in fashion. They always try to be perfect from head to toe. It is well known fact that Italians might forgive you for bad dressing unlike French people who give you very odd look which makes you embarrass.

There are some tips that help you to be on safer side while travelling to these places

ü  Black colour is the first choice everywhere you go; you can club any accessory with this colour which gives you a classy look in every occasion.

ü  If you are visiting any city of France, never forget to carry colourful scarfs. People of France love black, brown and other dark shades, so you can take your outfits of these colours.

ü  What matters in Italy is your attitude, whatever you wear, walk with an attitude. People generally prefer all colours and don’t have any specific choice of colours.

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Travelling to Spain- In Spain people love to be on maxi dresses, these maxi dresses are very common these days in Spain and are favourite of all ladies. You can pair it with any kind of neck piece and earrings too. But make sure that you are wearing perfect footwear with these maxi dresses.

  • What should you avoid wearing while travelling abroad

Try not to wear any fancy outfits. It gives wrong information to pickpockets and it’s like an open invitation to them.

Avoid wearing gold or heavy jewellery.

Don’t take expensive bags with you.