Top 5 Wedding Dress Collection with Prices

It can be very difficult to choose wedding dresses online as there are many sites offering wedding dresses and picking the best one can be really confusing as you don’t want to regret later as wedding happens only once in a lifetime.

With lots of effort i have collected the top 5 best wedding dress which you can use if you are going to get married soon.

Some of the dresses can be bought from online store

1) Sexy Cathedral Round Neck Asymmetrical Wedding dress with Bead Work.

This dress will give you the very first great impression to wedding attendees and  the one with whom you are going to get married. Its an embroidered with bead work that will give you a sexy and comfortable look. With fabric of gauze, tulle it comes with round neck. You can choose from two colors i.e white & pink, but we would recommend you to wear pink. The best part is that this dress can be ordered to be made.It will be personally tailored to fit your size. It will cost you from $399 to $699.







2)  Ball Gown Floor Length Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is V neck with size of floor length which will give you a look like princess. This dress can be best suitable if you are going to get married in summer. It can also be ordered to be made with your size and will cost you around $499 to $699.


3) Strapless Chapel Ruffled Wedding Dress.

This dress looks great in black color and comes with  Fabric of Organza, Silk, Gauze. Its strapless and sleeveless.

It can also be ordered to be made as per your size and will cost you $399 to $599.


4) Diamond Studded Strapless Wedding Dress.

The Embellishment of this dress is  Diamonds, Studded and Beaded Sequin.  If you are going to get married in hotel we would recommend you this wedding dress as with the sparkling of diamonds on the fabric you will look like a real princess. It can also be custom made and since its diamond embed it will cost you around $999 to $1399.





5)Bubble Layered Wedding Dress.

This wedding dress will give a sexy look in red color.Its sleeveless and the back style is V neck. Fabric is gauze. It can also be custom made as per your requirement and the price will depend on the train length. Will cost you around $299 to $499.









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